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We encourage the parents and carers of all potential new children to come along to our setting so that they may see and experience it for themselves. To arrange an initial visit with your child, please email us at or telephone on 07941 616369.

We generally take new children in September, in line with our local schools, but we have a limited number of places to offer in January and at Easter.  As demand for a Pre-school place is high, to avoid disappointment we recommend placing your child’s name on the waiting list as soon as possible.  This involves a one off administration fee of £15.00, (not charged for funded children) which also covers the cost of your child’s first Pre-school T.shirt, which is issued prior to the term your child starts.

To register or find out about the availability of sessions or any other general enquiries, please contact Natalie Sumner, Pre-school Business Manager on 07941 616369 or by e-mail at

Once you have your place

You will be asked to stay with your child at their very first session to help settle them in.  At this time one of our practitioners will go through the Registration Form with you. You are welcome to remain at as many sessions as it takes for your child to settle in, however we do encourage parents to leave so that children may go through the “attachment” process where they get used to their new key person and being away from the parent.  This may seem like a stressful time for you and your child, but we do our very best to ensure a smooth transition and emphasise that this is a crucial element in preparation for your and your child and the years that lie ahead.

Throughout each session your child will encounter each of the following Prime areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Communication and Language.  This may involve aspects such as making relationships, encouraging self-confidence and self awareness, and managing feelings and behaviour.  As part of the Physical Development, children are given opportunities to develop their motor skills in moving and handling items and objects and in developing Communication and Language skills children will encounter activities involving listening and attention, understanding and given opportunities to speak and expand their language.  Typical activities that your child will be able to participate in include: group activities, such as baking, focussed activities, such as tadpole/frog observations, role play, jig-saws, musical instruments and free play.  We encourage children to play outdoors at both sites, please ensure they have the appropriate clothing to enable them to do this.

All children are encouraged to learn to do things independently.  As such we ask that you encourage your child to hang their own coat up on their coloured peg before the session starts, to place their own lunch box in the specified area and to collect their own name tag during registration and place it on the board.  Children also learn the importance of washing their own hands after going to the loo and before eating; this is easier for the child to understand if it is followed up at home.

During `Songs & Rhymes Time’, Makaton Signing is often used. We take every opportunity to promote learning through play – many of the children enjoy the counting of children, fruit and biscuits at Snack Time and, before Home Time, reflection on what they’ve done, the weather chart and topic of the day.  These are also aspects that we encourage you to do at home, e.g. asking your child if they would like their toast in half’s or quarters, (introduction to fractions), asking your child to think about other books an author has written (literacy) and asking for your child’s opinion to encourage critical thinking.

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