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Here we will share with you some of our most recent news about the preschool. For regular updates please visit our Facebook page.

Urgent News

Please see here our recent article shared on West Bridgford Wire:

The well-established and highly reputable pre-school, which has been serving generations of families in West Bridgford, Gamston and Edwalton for over 50 years, will be forced to close unless vital financial support can be secured.

The preschool said:

‘You may already be aware of the urgent situation the pre-school is in.

‘A continued shortfall in government funding, alongside year-on-year increase in cost of living and overhead costs has caused thousands of similar childcare settings across the country to close.

‘Leahurst Road pre-school will also no longer be able to operate in its current position.’

Mariam Aslanfard, the pre-school manager said:

“The pre-school is a not-for-profit charity, run by a committee of parents, has always championed providing tailored, inclusive, and affordable childcare for the community.

“We take pride in the care we provide for our children, and we have always put our children at the heart of everything we do.

“We are devasted to find ourselves in a position where we can no longer keep our doors open without financial support.”

This is the pre-school’s final appeal to anyone who can help, to support them in raising the much-needed financial support required, to remain open.

‘We are appealing to any local businesses who may be able to help us. If you can, please get in touch. This is our last chance to raise funds otherwise our pre-school will close at the end of July.’

Last Chance to Save Our Pre-School! – a Community crowdfunding project in Nottingham by Leahurst Road Pre-School (

We are very grateful for everyone’s support.

Contact Details:
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Upcoming Events 2023

Term Dates:
Summer term: 17th April – 21st July 2023
Half Term: 29th May – 2nd June

What Do I Want To Be?

Before turning to the winter festive activities, the children at Leahurst Road Pre-School got their teeth into some engaging topics, including ‘Science Week’, Nursery Rhymes and learning about Autumn as a season. What better a time to observe all the changes that happen around us – like the weather cooling down, the trees changing, animals hibernating and all the different colours and textures within the natural environment. Many enjoyed the sensory exploration of the natural resources

provided in the ‘Tuff Tray’ which then were cleverly incorporated into craft activities, requiring the children to develop their fine motor skills to produce the various pieces. Autumn wreaths, nature bottle shakers, ‘conker rolling’ painting, nature crowns you name it! They also displayed great skill and control using utensils when they made vegetable soup, and the leaf relay races did a tremendous job of teaching them how to take turns and perhaps most importantly burn off some excess energy! ‘Who do I want to be?’ was next to follow where the children were able to learn and even try out some different occupations for themselves. First, the home corner became a hospital where they had great fun wrapping each other (and staff!), up in bandages, checking temperatures, blood pressure and caring for the dollies to make them better. In the playground various fire helmets, police tabards and more were placed which created some fantastic role play! This developed over the week

when the builder’s helmets, tool kits and huge construction bricks and wood came out with the children using their imagination to build some amazing creations. The sand tray became a builder’s site with number stones, various diggers and trucks included for some ‘small world’ fun. As well as ‘Jobs’ posters, puppet shows, pictures to colour and jigsaw puzzles for the children to complete, story time also continued on this theme. These prompted discussions about what jobs the children would like to do…”an astronaut, vet, firefighter and even a pianist!” were voiced. Later in the week, the home corner was turned in to a greengrocer’s shop. The children enjoyed being shop keepers, filling their baskets with food and engaging in more role play. This supported their mathematical development as they were encouraged to count the coins too! It’s amazing to think that on the back of all this the staff and children were able to prepare the Christmas

nativity performance which went down a storm by parents and carers alike. The Christmas party put on for the children during the last week of term was therefore thoroughly deserved. Thanks to Monika from ‘Super Sparkle Parties’ and her two young assistants, the children had a wonderful time. With lots of festive games, imaginative stories, music and magic the children were both mesmerised and entertained! Jingle, Gingerbread man, Brussel sprout and Snowy added to the fun and excitement of the day! Leahurst Road Pre-School is now open 5 days a week 8:30am-3:00pm. To arrange a visit or book a place please call 07941 616369.

All Things Nottingham! – 31 October 2022

Upon their return from the long summer break, the children at Leahurst Road Pre-school wasted no time at getting settled into the Autumn term. The “Favourite Things” theme was an opportunity for them to bring in things from home and subsequently feed ideas into the activities, role play and sensory activities at pre-school. Using collage, some created their own picture boards at home before bringing them in to show and tell.  It was admirable to see how confidently they each stood up and talked through their boards to the rest of the group.

Keeping the staff on their toes, the variety of favourite things were incorporated into daily activities. The “Frozen” theme produced a snow and ice area, which was built upon throughout the week – pom poms and all! Pizza and gingerbread were popular favourite food choices amongst many, which resulted in the cooking of just that. Much pleasure was had through kneading their dough before adding a selection of toppings to their individually created pizzas. Their senses and fine motor skills were stimulated as they rubbed together the ingredients of the gingerbread and smelt the ginger. Most satisfying though was tasting them after they had been baked – delicious! All of this whilst sipping their pretend tea at the animals tea party as they chatted about their favourite food before sharing and being read some of their favourite stories.

The “All about Nottingham” week saw in the home corner being transformed into the pre-school’s very own Sherwood Forest. Featuring a hand-made giant oak tree, the children took a lot of pleasure in painting large leaves to go on it. Elsewhere, a selection of photographs of the local area along with logos of local sports clubs were put up on the wall for them to gaze at and appreciate.

The craft table proved to be as creative as usual, where Robin Hood hats, oak trees made of handprints decorated with some leaves found in the pre-school garden. It would be fair to say that most enjoyment was had when the children tried their hand at archery. They were excited to try this, with some even managing to hit the target resulting in lots of cheers from all around. To round things off, at story time the staff talked to the children about Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest before observing some landmarks such as Trent Bridge and Nottingham Castle.

All of this before staying local for a trip to the local shops….
Nottingham-October Nottingham

Preschool have places available.
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Celebrating 50 Years! – August 2022

On Saturday 2nd July, Leahurst Road Pre-School held a celebration event to mark their 50th   Anniversary. As well as celebrating this fantastic milestone, the morning provided opportunity for families past and present to come together and reminisce the special times they’d had at preschool. With it also being an open event, the staff did a brilliant job at setting up the preschool room, with activities and crafts for both the children to enjoy and provide a taste of what a typical day is like at pre-school, for anyone considering joining for the first time.

Super Sparkle Parties put on a brilliant show to kick off the proceedings which kept the children well and truly amused before they hit the stalls. Quick to persuade their parents to let them have a go at everything on offer, the stalls were soon busy with the children trying out their luck on carrot in the sand, pirate map, guess the number of sweets and mystery cups before getting their much-needed henna tattoo and face paint of their favourite character.

More stalls were set up in the church foyer, where guests were encouraged to buy a raffle ticket, try the tombola and if they qualified, enter the competition to find the oldest member of pre-school attending on the day. There was just about time to grab a quick snack and a quick browse of the vintage clothing, crochet, Osbourne Books and Flamingo stalls before heading back outside for Jo Jingles. The children and parents all enjoyed joining in with the fun music, singing and movement which was lovely to see.

To round off the morning, the raffle was drawn with many guests delighted to see their tickets drawn to claim their prizes. Children from past and present loved participating in drawing the tickets and giving out prizes.

The Pre-school is fortunate to have a dedicated committee who put in a lot of personal time and effort to make the event a success. As the staff and children sang and posed for photos, the guests joined in to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Pre-school. This was followed by a well rewarding slice for everyone!

The Pre-school will now be opening five days a week 8:30am-3:00pm in September.


Preschool have places available.
To arrange a visit or a book place call:
07941 616 369.

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