St Luke’s Church (2-4 years)
Leahurst Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6GL
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Leahurst Road Pre-school is run by the parent run Committee – details below. We have a constitution which outlines the rules that the pre-school must follow.  CIO Constitution

Current Officers are:

Shelley Payne

Natalie Sumner

Ilona O’Donnell

Celine Cather

Claire Brooks

The Pre-School is a Registered Charity (No. 1172643). It is run by a Management Committee made up of parents and carers. The Committee draws regularly upon the knowledge of the Pre-School practitioners, and supervisors are involved in Committee decision-making where necessary.  Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held annually, usually in the Autumn term.

We would like as many parents as possible to get involved with the running of Leahurst Road Pre-school. Volunteering to be a committee member offers you the opportunity to become more practically involved in the learning and development of your child, and it is widely recognised that when parents are actively involved, their children can achieve more. You will also have a chance to meet other parents, update existing skills and learn new ones. This can have valuable long-term benefits when applying for jobs or undertaking further training.

An outline of the responsibilities of the committee is given below. The Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary are given particular roles in order to ensure that a number of essential duties are completed. If you would like to know more then please contact Natalie Sumner, Business Manager for further information on 07941 616369.

General committee responsibilities and duties

  • To ensure resources are used exclusively to pursue Leahurst Road Pre-school’s charitable aims.
  • To ensure Leahurst Road Pre-school complies with its constitution and other relevant legislation.
  • To work as part of a team sharing ideas and experiences.
  • To regularly attend meetings and contribute to the decision making process.
  • To actively help out and support fundraising events and activities.
  • To undertake Ofsted and Charity Commission suitability checks as required.
  • Provide an effective communication link between committee, staff and parents.
  • Work to ensure the setting is a safe place to be, for both children and adults.
  • To support the committee by encouraging new members to join

Please note:

There is a duty to declare any conflict of interest when voting on issues.

On deciding to leave the committee you must provide written notice of your resignation.

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Our Address:

St Luke’s Church Hall
West Bridgford NOTTINGHAM, NG2 6GL
Tel: 07941 616369